Grand Concourse Film Screening Series

Screening Schedule

The Summer 2017 screening schedule:

June 29th

Circuit Sizzle, Marc Noworyta, (3m, USA)
Robot friends go on a playful adventure day until the batteries run out.

Dark Matter(s), Jesseca Ynez Simmons, (5m, USA)
The experimental and meditative imagining DARK MATTER(S) attempts to capture the activities of a fish tank in a way that takes the inhabitants out of their enclosed world to a place unknown, to feel both their death and their life.

Decorosa, Enrique Buleo, (13m, Spain)
Decorosa keeps a skeleton costume in her bedroom closet, between the nightgowns. That's what love is about / Decorosa

Time, Mahdi Mousavi Azad, (2m, Iran)
One tree makes millions of matches, but when the time comes, only one match would be enough to burn millions of trees. Time is more powerful than you.

All Appliance, Chuka Umunna, (13m, USA)
Roy and Jack Vanasco are two brothers who enlisted and fought during World War Two. Upon their return to their native Brooklyn, they opened an appliance repair store--All Appliance Refrigerator Company. At the end of 2016, they close their doors after sixty-one years.

The Ruins, Ric Sechrest, (10m, USA)
THE RUINS is a horror story about a woman who is cursed by circumstance and her tragic past. Inspired by real-life ruins, isolated and haunted by fire.

Thorn Bird, Jonathan Stutzman, (9m, USA)
THORNBIRD is an award-winning experimental fairy-tale about a young girl who is transported into a dream world after finding a magic mask.

The 5 Boros, Victor Chu, (5m, USA)
The 5 Boros is a comprehensive aerial tribute film to New York City. People usually think of Manhattan and Brooklyn when they think of NYC, but the 5 Boros show the other facets of NYC that most people in this world don’t know about.

July 27th

Dancer in the Pocket


The Bus Trip

I've Been Thinking


The Third Try

Lives of Liberty

By My Side

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